Ode to a Window Cleaner, 2017, HD 2 channel film. 
Ode to a Window Cleaner films a number of window cleaners washing the surface of a 16:9 proportioned piece of glass. The set up- black background, theatrical lighting and the filmic dimen- sions of the window allows the trade to be appreciated in an aesthetic way. The film focuses on the different rhythms, techniques and painterly gestures of the window cleaners.
Below: Installed at Queen Marys- The Peoples Palace 2017
Below: Video documentation of live performance Ode to a Window Cleaner at the Nunnery Gallery 2017

This live performance of Ode to a Window Cleaner at the Nunnery Gallery in London continued to focus on rhythms and painterly gestures. The pane of glass in between the performer/window cleaner, and the audience becomes a physical embodiment of the 4th wall which is being cleaned.
Video Stills of Ode to a Window Cleaner