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Kopykat (Kardashian Triptych), 2022, HD 3 films, each individual film on 20 minute loop. 

(These 3 videos show 5 minute clips of the 3 Kopykat (Kardashian) videos. Each separate video is on its own loop of around 20 minutes. Through painstaking repetition Smith shadows the Kardashian sisters movements. The Kardashian's projected image sits on top of the artists grey skin enacting a form of moi-peau; a double sided hide shared between Smith and the Kardashians, with the eyes and the mouth becoming abject portals to the fleshy body beneath the digitised surface. Smith shadows their movements over and over, the repetition emphasising the performativity of the moment and through mimicry she begins to un-do the Kardashian's subjecthood, reinforcing the drama of femininity that is at play within these moments. The tracing of the Kardashian's gestures by the artist's body becomes strangely uncanny, and as Smith’s body tires they slip in and out of each-other's movements.

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